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The word
dhammika means the pious and the righteous in buddhism

Karate-Do means the “path of the empty hand” and is a martial art. Traditonal Karate-Do is a way of life with a philosophy which is not only a physical discipline, but is also reflected in values such as honesty, courtesy and respect.

Karate mainly consists of three pillars that are practiced: Kihon, Kata and Kumite.

Beilstein, Germany

Dhammika Cup

As every year, we from Japan Karate-Do Dhammika-Ha Shitoryu Kai organize the yearly recurring Dhammika Cup together with Japan Karate-Do Sato-Ha Shitoryu for different categories of karate athletes – a highlight in every year!


Karate athletes are categorized by age into different groups: Kids, Cadets, Juniors, U21 and Seniors.


Karatekas can compete with each other in individual as well as in team katas.


Kumite athletes fighting each other are categorized by weight classes.


The kobudo competition works exactly like kata competition but only with weapons.


Become part of the karate tradition

Freizeitcenter Oberrhein

Shito-Ryu Summer Camp

Every year in August, we organize the only Shito-Ryu Summer Camp in Germany at the Oberrhein leisure center in Rheinmünster, Baden-Württemberg.


1-week family vacation with sports, swimming and lots of fun.


Get in touch with like-minded people, e.g. communal eating


With movie and game nights and talent shows for kids, juniors and adults.


Qi Gong, Kobudo, (Aqua) Karate, Self Defense, Dancing, Table Tennis, Barbecues and Bathing Fun and many more.

Latest News from Dhammika-Ha

Check here often to get the latest news, reports, and updates from Japan Karate-Do Dhammika-Ha Shitoryu Kai and its branch clubs from all over the world and its affiliates.

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Shihan Athula wins masterfully the Sri Lankan Kata Championship

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Dhammika-Ha special online training

For our Dhammika-Ha members we are organizing a “Special Zoom Training” in May together with Japan Karate-Do Sato-Ha Shito-Ryu Kai Germany. The training will be led by internationally known guest[…]

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Affiliated and recognized by

Sato-Ha Shito-Ryu International Federation
WKF (World Karate Federation)
DKV (German Karate Federation)
KVBW (Karateverband Baden-Württemberg)