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Dhammika Karate-Do

The word Dhammika means the righteous in Buddhism.

Karate-Dō means the „path of the empty hand“ and is a martial art. Traditional karate-dō is a way of life with a philosophy that is not only a physical discipline, but is also reflected in values such as honesty, politeness and respect. The three pillars of karate are practiced in the form of kihon, kata and kumite.

Beilstein, BW (Germany)

International Dhammika Cup

Every year, we at Dhammika organise the International Dhammika Cup together with Sato Kai Germany in the Langhanssporthalle in Beilstein, Baden-Württemberg (Germany) – a highlight every year!

Freizeitcenter Oberrhein, Rheinmünster

Shito-Ryu Summer Camp

Every year in August, we organise the Shito-Ryu Summer Camp at the Freizeitcenter Oberrhein in Rheinmünster. We warmly invite everyone to take part in at our family-friendly summer camp.

Family holiday

A week-long family holiday in a great atmosphere with lots of sport, swimming and fun.


Socialise and exchange ideas with like-minded people, for example over a meal together.

Evening programmes

Entertaining evening programmes such as film and games evenings as well as talent shows for young and old are provided.

Leisure activities

Qi Gong, Kobudo, (Aqua) Karate, self-defence, dancing, table tennis, barbecue and swimming fun and much more

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